The Ultimate Diving Experience: Why the Thorfinn Stands Out in Truk Lagoon

Embark on a diving adventure like no other aboard the Thorfinn, your floating resort strategically moored in the mesmerizing waters of Truk Lagoon. As one of the world’s premier wreck diving destinations, Truk Lagoon offers an unparalleled underwater experience, teeming with historical wrecks and vibrant marine life. The Thorfinn, with its unique position and top-notch…

shark diving Fiji

Ultimate Shark Diving Adventures: Explore the World’s Most Exhilarating Shark Encounters

Dive into the world’s most thrilling shark diving spots, from cage diving with great whites in the crystal-clear waters of Isla Guadalupe to swimming alongside the elusive thresher sharks in Malapascua. This guide reveals top destinations for unforgettable encounters with the ocean’s most formidable predators, offering something for every level of adventure seeker.

The Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Located 480 miles south of Miami in the western Caribbean, the Cayman Islands are comprised of three separate landmasses; Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. Each of these islands has its own set of unique attractions, and all three are recognised as world class dive destinations. The clear, warm water of the…